Here is a link from the Berkley Farmer's Market...who went completely PLASTIC FREE last year. It is surprisingly simple, once the decision is made skip the plastic bags...

baby carrots stored in water

Store veggies without plastic

We have replaced the plastic shopping produce bags with paper in our produce section. We are also offering canvas or mesh re-usable produce bag sets (range from $10 to $20). Or, we can give you a cardboard box, or help you load your loose produce from your shopping basket into your shopping bag. Thanks for supporting our efforts to minimize plastic bags!

canvas produce bags paper bags in produce 3 paper bags in produce 1

winter-squash  porcini

perfect base for hearty, cold busting soup or stew

rooster in onions

No plastic Shopping bags here....


Please bring your own re-useable shopping bag. If you forgot, you could buy a lovely  reusable bag from us, or we can supply you with a cardboard box. If you REALLY want a bag, you can buy a recycled paper one for a quarter, and we will donate any proceeds to the local food bank. A step toward a smaller ecological footprint....