Satisfy your appetite and your conscience. The Ruddy Potato in Snug Cove offers many delicious, healthy and ethically sourced products for you and your family. We strive to support our local farmers and to provide a strong selection of healthy and organic ingredients. Our recipe archive provides great ideas to inspire the chef in all of us.

beach picnic basket

How about....

Oven fried chicken peices from the Ruddy Kitchen

Cold steamed corn on the cobb (ever cooked whole un peeled corn in your microwave? Super fast: peel on the beach)

Cold Yam fries with aioli dip

a fresh salad from the Ruddy Deli

the classic baguette, grapes, wonderful cheese, sliced charcuterie

Potato salad (you make from beautiful fingerling potatoes, or buy pre-made in our Deli)

watermelon, canteloup or honey dew melon slices

a cold quiche from the Ruddy Kitchen

PIZZA... from the kitchen or the Deli

a bucket of cut up organic veggies and some hummus for dipping

A roast chicken to carve up and share



No plastic Shopping bags here....


Please bring your own re-useable shopping bag. If you forgot, you could buy a lovely  reusable bag from us, or we can supply you with a cardboard box. If you REALLY want a bag, you can buy a recycled paper one for a quarter, and we will donate any proceeds to the local food bank. A step toward a smaller ecological footprint....