BJORNBAR BAKERY in Edgemont Village, North Vancouver is worth a visit if you are in the neighbourhood. Or, you can find some of their fabulous treats at the RUDDY DELI. Nothing mass produced here: handmade with care merangues, squares and bars. Gorgeous.

bjornbar logo bjornbar berry bar bjornbar brulee squares pistachio nanaimo bar Bjornbar merangues

Orca Affogato

orca affogato

wonderful pull of MOJA ESPRESSO over a scoop of MARIO's vanilla ice cream


Blue Sky Float

ice cream float

Your choice of BLUE SKY pop poured over 2 scoops of MARIO's vanilla ice cream


Beautiful entrees, salads, and sides 

vegetarian and meat lover choices

Panninis, hand pies and much more!


Delicious treats from local bakeries


No plastic Shopping bags here....


Please bring your own re-useable shopping bag. If you forgot, you could buy a lovely  reusable bag from us, or we can supply you with a cardboard box. If you REALLY want a bag, you can buy a recycled paper one for a quarter, and we will donate any proceeds to the local food bank. A step toward a smaller ecological footprint....