govt. canada: know the difference....

A good explanation of the terms

  1. Self Monitoring

  2. Self Isolating

  3. Isolating

and what individual actions are required in each definition. 

Also helpful description of symptoms, and links to resources.  

The World Health Organization is providing clear, fact based advice on it's website.

Here is what they say about wearing masks:

WHO on using masks against COVID-19

We are fortunate to have such resources as the WHO to refer to in the face of the current on-line barrage of opinion.

WHO logo

The Grocery store will be open as usual.

We hope to have the Café back and humming as soon as the need for social distancing abates and it is safe to gather!

The good news is that we are ready to roll with our new ORDER DESK!!!

Click on the new Order Desk tab above with info on how to access this service.


thanks for supporting your local Ruddy Potato!

As you can imagine we are scrambling to design a workable system at the Ruddy to support our Community through either a delivery or in store pickup process.

As of this morning, March 23,  this is the process

IF YOU ARE ISOLATING because of medical reasons (illnesss, exposure to covid) or because you are returning for travel, Artisan Express has agreed to offer free delivery.

  • The process:
    EMAIL This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. with the following specific information:
  • Name
  • Phone number where you can be reached for sure
  • Your grocery list (please be as specific as possible!) Unless you specifically authorize us, we will not make guesses at substitutions.
  • Your CREDIT CARD info: what kind of card, number, expiry, code on the back, name on the card. Please help us out by emailing this: we will protect your info. We do not have anyone on the phone to take credit info in the store. There is not physical phone at the till at the moment.
  • We will then pick your order, charge your card and then call Artisan Express to pick it up. We will give them your phone number and they will contact you re delivery.


Same process as above. Just make sure you state that you will pick it up. Orders must be picked up same day: we don’t have enough refrigeration space to store orders.

We are taking all measures we can to help "flatten the curve" of Covid-19 infection while keeping our services going and our staff and customers supplied, healthy and happy.


We have stepped up ordering of staples across all categories and our buyers are working to find alternate supply for items that are being shorted. We are starting to see some shorting of orders particularly in the fresh produce world: we may have more conventional produce than usual, and you may see substitutions for some of your favourite items. We are NOT seeing any need to buy more than you need at the moment...a strategy that will be appreciated by all of your neighbours also looking for local supply. 

Our Kitchen is cranking out great prepared meals, most of which also freeze well. Today we have gluten free pork and beans, mac and cheese, korean chicken, vegetarian chili, sweet and sour pork, quiche....

(please note gluten free from our kitchen MAY contain traces of wheat)


All touch surfaces are being sanitized regularly with a bleach solution. Shopping basket handles, door handles, counters etc. We encourage everyone  (customers too) to constantly wash their hands with soap and hot water. Our public washroom is available at the back of the store. 

We are in the process of removing all self-service fill options in the store: coffee station, condiments, cutlery, water, some bulk. We appreciate your patience and co-operation as we scramble to switch to some kind of temporary full service in these areas.

Social Distancing:

We have removed all seating in our cafe area. You are welcome to pick up your take out items at the counter and sit in our beautiful outdoor patio to enjoy your lunch. Especially while the weather is so glorious! We would ask that while in the store you try to not get too close to other shoppers and give a little space in the cash lines.

If you are stuck at home in quarantine because you are symptomatic or required to be isolated, we can arrange delivery to you through a process we are working out with Artisan Express. Email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for information on this service. 


This is a fragile time for everyone. We will do our best to meet your needs within the constraints of varioius regulations and health requirements, and of course the resources that we have available to us. We very much appreciate your support and patience and encourage everyone to above all else, be kind. We all need each other!





As part of our "flatten the curve" initiative here at the Ruddy, we have temporarily closed the self service water station in the store. 


There is a new water bottle "corral" to the left of the front door. You can drop your cleaned and sanitized Island Oasis bottles (must be bigger than 4 liters) there, clearly marked with your name and phone number, before 6pm daily. 

(Any bottles dropped after 6pm will be left outside over night....)

We will bring the bottles in and sanize/fill them in the evening. The filled bottles will be in the store beside the Island Oasis machine ready for customer pickup the following morning. Please  be prompt about collecting your bottles...we don't have a lot of room!

We also have new pre-filled 4 liter water jugs for sale in the produce section. 

Thanks for your cooperation all, and many thanks to Cordell Wynne (Owner Island Oasis) for his carpentry skills, ingenuity and care for his customers!