As they say, delicious simple-to-prepare meals for busy and not so busy Canadians.

Our favorites, "Philly-Style Shaved Steak" and "Pulled Pork"

Lous Kitchen 

Get ready for the weekend, we've got the best selection of Whole Chickens: Conventional from MapleHill Farms or Organic from Bradner Farms.

A new item on our shelves are the juicy Boneless Chicken Thighs from Bradner Farms: give them a try!


Chicken May28

New at the Ruddy. Greenfield Pork Backribs. Lots of meat on dem bones !! Delicious pork humanely raised on Canadian Farms . Also just in - Greenfield Pork Tenderloin .... so yummy done on the bbq! Treat yourself to some down home country comfort food!

green field ribs 

BBQ ribs

The Ruddy is part of the Ocean Wise program, run by the Vancouver Aquarium. Look for the Ocean Wise symbol on The Ruddy Potato’s fish products.

How does the program work?

The Vancouver Aquarium does the research using the latest scientific information, and recommends seafood choices that are part of a sustainable fishery.

Ocean Wise chooses fish and seafood that are...

    • Abundant and resilient to fishing pressures
    • Managed as part of a comprehensive plan based on current research
    • Harvested in ways that limit accidental by catch of other, possibly endangered species
    • Harvested in ways that limit damage to ocean habitat.

At The Ruddy we ensure that the fish and seafood we provide is sustainable...

Fish and Seafood carrying the Ocean Wise symbol has been approved by the program.