From the Husk's Ware website: 

We believe in a sustainable future for our planet

“The idea behind the business – a new eco lifestyle”

Innovation worth sharing…. and a story worth telling

Resource depletion, environmental pollution and energy shortages – these are some of the issues we face in the name of modernization.

Annually, more than 45 million tons of wastage are produced across the world, threatening to overwhelm our planet. So how are we going to restore earth’s natural condition to develop a green economy?

Armed with an innovative idea, we aim to help sustain our planet. We realized that most of our daily foods consisted of agricultural waste. Rice, being the main staple of diet in Asia, produces millions of tons of agricultural wastes in the forms of rice husks.

Instead of the farmers disposing the rice husks by burning them, we created a solution based on the belief of delivering safe, environmentally-responsible tableware to households across the world by crafting our products out of the humble rice husks.

In collaboration with researchers and an US investor, extensive research and development were conducted to study the structure of the rice husk and how it can be turned from waste into a natural resource.

Each day, a specialized vehicle visits rice mills to collect the disposed rice husks which are then sorted, processed and produced as raw materials to manufacture biodegradable, eco-friendly and trendy Husk’sWare products so that you can enjoy healthy meals at home.

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