hu·man·i·ty (h)yo?o'man?de/

noun 1.

the human race; human beings collectively.

2. humaneness; benevolence. "he praised them for their standards of humanity, care, and dignity"

synonyms: compassion, brotherly love, fraternity, fellow feeling, philanthropy, humaneness, kindness, consideration,
understanding, sympathy, tolerance;
leniency, mercy, mercifulness, clemency, pity, tenderness; benevolence, charity, goodness, magnanimity, generosity "he praised them for their humanity"

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We offer the following options to help you get your delicious groceries home:

  1. fill the bag you brought from home
  2. take a box (which we pull from our incoming shipments)
  3. purchase a lovely RUDDY reuseable shopping bag for $1.99
  4. purchase a recycled paper shopping bag for 25 cents. (we donate proceedes from paper bag sales to the food bank)

How safe are Salmon Farms for our WILD SALMON popluations?

Part of the investigation is here:

Alexandra Morton 

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