Are you worried about shopping in public? 

We will collect your grocery order for you, box it up, charge your credit card and call you when it is ready for pickup.


1) email  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

2) provide your shopping list (as much detail as possible please). Break your list down by category please, ie dairy, frozen, canned, fruit and veg, bread and baked goods, dry goods, meat, fish and frozen.

3) provide your CONTACT INFO: phone number where we can reach you for sure, address and any special delivery instructions. 

4) provide your payment info with the email leaving out the expiry date on the card

5) we will collect your order (fill as much as we can), and call you to finalize the order with your provided credit card info 

6) Come on down and pick it up.

 ARE YOU in isolation because of medical concerns to do with COVID-19? Or have you just arrived from outside of Canada?

Let us know, and we will arrange for ARTISAN EXPRESS to delivery your order to you.