For November..


spinach enchilada

south indian curry

chick pea curry

potato pea curry

bombay rollups

thai yam and tofu coconut curry 

tortilla pie (beans, cheeses, tortillas, tomato, chili...)

Various fresh quiches

vegetarian chili with chocolate

pasta putanesca

 mac and cheese

various quiche

black bean quesadillas

pesto tortellini


For November

chicken stew

chicken pot pie

chicken salsa verde 

traditional meat loaf

beef lasagne

beef stew

beautiful seafood lasagne

north indian chicken curry

thai chicken curry

greek lemon chicken with roasted potatoes

seafood medley pie with mashed potato top

smoked salmon fettucini

salmon by the peice in the deli

spaghetti and meatballs

sesame chicken with broccoli

oven fried chicken pieces

whole roasted chickens

Ginger beef

cashew chicken

sweet and sour pork

parmesan chicken breasts and dinners

lemon chicken breasts and dinners

chicken marbella

beef chili

bangers and mash