Peppermint Bark

Make your own delicious peppermint bark to eat or give as a gift.

15 to 20 red-and-white peppermint candies

  • Resealable freezer bag
  • Hammer
  • 11-ounce (311-gram) bag of white chocolate
  • Medium-size, microwave-safe bowl
  • Red or green food coloring (optional)
  • Cookie sheet
  • Waxed paper
  • Cellophane (optional)


1. Unwrap the mints and seal them inside the freezer bag. Ask your parents to help you crush the mints by gently hitting them with a hammer. Remove larger pieces of candy from the bag and set aside.

2. Pour the white chocolate chips into the bowl and microwave on 70 percent power for two to three minutes. Stir frequently until the chips are melted and smooth.

3. Add the crushed mints from the bag. To create holiday colors, slowly mix in drops of food coloring until you like the color.

4. Line the cookie sheet with waxed paper and spread out the chocolate. Decorate with the larger mint pieces. Refrigerate for about an hour. Break the hardened chocolate into pieces.

5. Wrap the candy in cellophane to give as a gift!

National Geographic Kids magazine, December 2006