Watch for packages of Wildflowers seeds from West Coast Seeds. A 125 gram package covers 80 sq feet and it is only $14.99 each. Package contains an absolute plethora of wildflower seeds from Sweet Alyssum to California Poppy and even something called “Chinese Houses”. Let yourself go and sprinkle away!

wcs wild flower mix

Also a raft of new giftware is coming in a couple of weeks. According to Lise, our giftware buyer, there are wonderful bowls, beautiful kitchen items, and so much more that she has completely forgotten exactly what is going to show up!

And, watch for new Riviera and Tree Island Yogurt lines coming in starting this week. Goat Yogurt in 500g tubs, plain and vanilla are coming first, but other varieties of petit pots and Greek no sugar added yogurts will be arriving as space permits. Enjoy!

petit pot goat yog special    tree island yogurt 2