Adventures with making Boston Baked beans in a crock pot from scratch! Here are a few lessons learned:

 2 cups of dried beans is not the same as 2 cups of soaked beans

 Just because you soak beans overnight, it doesn't mean you can just add them to the crock pot without cooking them first. You have to cook soaked beans for a couple of hours before you can use them. 

Its hard to mess up the sauce ingredient quantities when you are trying to fix the bean quantities: random amounts of more molasses, ketchup, water, beer, dry mustard, more water etc as the process evolved all worked out FINE.

You do not have to cook the bacon before adding it to the crock pot. It cooks in fine. Same with the chopped onion. 

Moving your not cooked all the way beans (because you missed the cooking them before assmebly stage) from the crock pot into a crueset and finishing in a slow oven with way more liquid and for several hours DOES finally produce delicious baked beans. 

If you work full time, this is a three day adventure. Soak beans overnight, day one. COOK beans 2 hrs, day two. Assemble in crock pot and cook on low through day three. 

Worth it? Absolutely.

baked beans