New Product Just In From Red Sun Farms

Try the latest in our artisan varieties of tomatoes – Cocoa Tomatoes from Red Sun Farms. These succulent treasures may look a little weird, especially if you are used to the old bright red traditional varieties. But don’t let their looks fool you! Cocoa tomatoes originated from hot-blooded Spanish stock and have an earthy, savory flavor. Today they are enjoyed all across Europe and the Mediterranean. They can be eaten at any stage as they ripen. In the early - or green stage - they have a strong full-flavored taste but as the tomatoes ripen into a ‘basking-in-the-sun-too-long’ brown, they evolve into a sweeter fruit which can nicely offset the acid in pairings such as balsamic vinegar. Oh, and they are low in calories which makes them a healthy snack alternative! Treat yourself! Try something different!!

cocoa tomatoes