AArrgg...sometimes running a  small independent grocery store on a little island can be pretty rough! Like when the delivery truck leaves skids of your product behind in Vancouver because it is full, and you cant' get another refrigerated truck for 4 days. Or when a supplier forgets to fill your order and the expensive delivery truck arrives to pick it up...to find no order...and so no product replenishment from the weekend...and then the scheduled truck can't go back because of ferry times, and then after much calling and negotiating, another truck is arranged for the following day, which gets bumped, resulting in our ice cream and frozen being shipped from Vancouver, over the ferry etc in a non refrigerated truck, without letting us know there is a problem etc etc. Just sayin.  And then, our internet landline goes down, crashing payment services so we can only take cash, no credit of debit cards. Not the best week, all in all.

All to say, we are VERY GRATEFUL for our wonderful sustaining local community support. THANKYOU for hanging with us!