According to a report by the Minister of the the Department of Agriculture, published in Victoria in 1927:

BC was home to 32 Creameries, 3 Condensaries, 1 powdered milk plant, 3 cheese factories, 34 dairy plants, and 14 misc. operations producing ice cream. 


Per the BC Dairy Industry website, 2009:

Agriculture is an important component of British Columbia’s economy, and dairy production is at the top of the list, with dairy farm cash receipts over $490 million in 2009. In fact, even though BC has just 5.9% of the national Market Share Quota (MSQ), the province contributes 9.1% of national farm cash receipts, primarily because BC dairy farms are some of the largest in the country, with an average farm size of approximately 135 milking cows. Dairy products grew 31% as a farm commodity from 1996 to 2006."

According to Agriculture Canada, in 2016 there were 417 dairy farms in BC. BC's MSQ (Market share quota) was 6.8%