A couple of years ago Lise brought in a line of picnic/kitchen dishes and cups from a company in Singapore: Husk's Ware. Made of rice husks and coated with natural wax these items are microwave and dishwasher safe, and are fully biodegradable. They didn't really fly very well: expensive, brown, different. 

Fast forward 2 years. Plastics are choking our world and people are waking up to magnitude of the crisis. Plastics recycling has a low (current estimates, less than 30% of submitted plastics) success rate. China no longer accepts the majority of plastic tonnage dumped by North America for recycling. 

WE MUST STOP USING PLASTICS IN THE FIRST PLACE. RECYCLING is not the solution we had hoped for and believed in. 

And so another look at Husk's Ware. This from their website:

We believe in a sustainable future for our planet

Resource depletion, environmental pollution and energy shortages – these are some of the issues we face in the name of modernization.

Annually, more than 45 million tons of wastage are produced across the world, threatening to overwhelm our planet. So how are we going to restore earth’s natural condition to develop a green economy?

Armed with an innovative idea, we aim to help sustain our planet. We realized that most of our daily foods create agricultural waste. Rice, being the main staple of diet in Asia, produces millions of tons of agricultural wastes in the forms of rice husks.

Instead of the farmers disposing the rice husks by burning them, we created a solution based on the belief of delivering safe, environmentally-responsible tableware to households across the world by crafting our products out of the humble rice husks.

Each day, a specialized vehicle visits rice mills to collect the disposed rice husks which are then sorted, processed and produced as raw materials to manufacture biodegradable, eco-friendly and trendy Husk’sWare products so that you can enjoy healthy meals at home.

If you are looking for picnic dishes or travel food containers, HUSK's WARE is worth considering. No plastic, reduction in agricultural waste, better use of crop resources and FULLY BIODEGRADEABLE. Kind of a nice brown, too. 

husksware plates